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R3 Networks

R3 Networks Rapidly Deployable Expeditionary Communications Kit

Is a self-contained communications solution designed for use in austere environments where normal communications are either compromised or non-functioning, such as major natural disasters, local catastrophic events, or ongoing inhospitable conditions.

  • The RDECK is robust and mobile.

    It is an all-in-one communications solution for advance mobile and/or static teams. It is lightweight, robust, and designed to be operational even in the worst possible environments. It can be mounted in transport vehicles for mobile use and/or easily transported as a one-man backpack communications kit.

    The RDECK is made-to-order, modular and configured to fit any existing disaster response plans or first responder communication solutions. In the absence of an existing format, the RDECK can function as an immediate, first-stop and standalone communications system.

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