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Rolatube - Portable Masts, Antennas and Tripods

The RolaTube Expeditionary Systems (REX) delivers products and systems utilizing their revolutionary and proprietary Bi-Stable Reeled Composite Technology to customers in the Defense, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, Disaster Relief, UN and NGO sectors for Dismounted and On Platform Integration.

  • Rolatube Mast Systems

    RolaTube Single and Double Mast Systems

    Ideal for the rapid deployment of lightweight systems for the mobile user. RolaTube Double Mast Systems work by the combination of 2x Single Masts – one slid inside the other.

  • Rolatube UHF VHF

    RolaTube UHF/VHF

    The RAMM (Rapid Action Mission Mast) is a combined mast and antenna(s). The unique feature is the embedding of the antenna within the mast itself, and the deployment mechanism of the mast in its quick use format of rolling and unrolling.

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