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Portable Power

Wherever you go to work, you need power, and the inbuilt batteries to your laptop or equipment is not enough. Sunsynk Portable Power packs provide a lightweight, durable portable power solution. It comes in two versions that can deliver either 110 volts or 230V AC and it can be charged by either solar panels, mains power or DC battery power.

  • Portable Power packs

    Portable Power packs

    The Pocket Power Station is capable of running devices in those environments where mains power is non-existent or being fitted to those power systems that might be vulnerable to power outages as a back-up or Uninterrupted Power Supply.

  • Power Pack accessories

    Power Pack accessories

    In order to increase the ability of the Pocket Power Station (1-2) to operate independently and assist people in areas cut off from main supply, we have introduced a range of batteries and a 30 Watt Solar Panel which should benefit the user greatly.

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